Lao Network Operators Group (LANOG), a non-profit, community-based initiative. LANOG is a group of technical professionals joined together to serve the local community to provide technical discussion forums and educational opportunities. Through annual meetings and learning activities we aim to encourage human networking to promote collaboration among network and data operators, and exchange of best operational practices in Laos.


LANOG vision is to be a neutral community/forum for network operators and everyone in Laos to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and promote the development of the Lao Internet network.


  1. To promote the development and operation of a reliable and security Internet in Laos. LANOG collaborates with its members to identify and address the challenges facing the Lao Internet, such as network reliability, security, and accessibility. LANOG also works to promote the adoption of new technologies and services that can improve the Lao Internet.
  2. To facilitate the exchange of information and best practices among network operators in Laos. LANOG hosts regular meetings and workshops where network operators can share their experiences and learn from each other. LANOG also promotes tools to help network operators stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies.